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With spring and summer around the corner, we are dying to know what the big hair trends are. And how do we play with different looks and still keep our locks looking healthy? Who better to ask than Zoe Adams, Artistic Director + Creative Colour Director from one of London’s best hair salons – Taylor Taylor.

What inspired you to become a colourist?
I didn’t really want to be a colourist at the beginning. I started as a stylist and that was more interesting for me then, but after training as a colourist and as the new techniques and colour products started coming out, I felt that it was more me. I could really let my creativity loose and it felt more and more exciting. My colour obsession came into effect when I worked in Ibiza. I wanted to recreate that sun-drenched/ kissed look but in the most natural as possible way. That as when Balayage was just hitting the high-street. It was pretty much perfect timing and I have not looked back.

What makes you the most excited?
I love big colour changes and total transformations as these are the most challenging and most exciting for me. I can really let loose and create something super personal and perfect for each client. I still have a passion for my Balayage technique, now honed to perfection and I am now starting to play with the more vivid colourful tones such as pastels and neon’s, but within a Balayage so that it had an underlying feeling of being striking but natural. Basically fusing edge with elegance.

What do you advise your clients to do at home to make their colour last longer?
For each individual client, I tailor their home care and give them a personalised colour conditioner to refresh at home. Using natural brands for your home products such as Lore Originals which excludes sulfates is key. Sulfate is the ingredients that strip out colour. And, most importantly, UV protection!

Zoe Adams

What is the hair product you can’t live without?
Olapex is the must-have product that I cannot live without! I just couldn’t do my job without it. It really gives my clients the best possible outcome from their time with me and really enhances my work. I can reach colour lightening levels that were once not possible and of course, healthy hair is the bases for any brilliant look.

What do you think will be the top hair colour trend for this spring/summer?
With the new release of Wella Colour create range I feel that high impact colours such as vivid strong colours and neons are about to make their mark- think NYFW. On a more commercial side, balayage is not going anywhere fast. I am just developing new techniques and freehand applications to achieve different variations and looks.

Whose hair have you not coloured but would love to?
There are 2 people I would LOVE to colour… Kate Moss because I feel that my glossed out, freehand,  blond techniques would really suit her. My approach to condition and healthy hair would also work wonders on her overall look.  Also Abra, Atlanta based R&B singer, is someone I’d also like to look after as she has a really natural look but with her music and attitude, I feel I could give her something with a little more edge to suit her style.

To book an appointment with Zoe Adams call Taylor Taylor on  020 8960 8569

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