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How often is NUIT updated?
One of the perks of being an online magazine is that there is no waiting time. NUIT is constantly updated.

How can I shoot/write for NUIT?
If you think your style suit ours, email us some samples of your work – press@nuitmagazine.com

Who is behind NUIT?
NUIT has been co-founded and run by Creative Director Andrea Vecchiato and Editor-in-Chief Dena Tahmasebi with occasional contributions from others.

How was NUIT born?
It was created with the mission to satisfy the growing demand for more high quality online magazines.

How should I source the site?
A link to the NUIT website will suffice.

Why should I source the site?
To show respect to the work of others. Source links are greatly appreciated.

How can I advertise on the site?
Send an email to ad@nuitmagazine.com and we will send our media kit with rates.