Photographer: Cameron Durham
Stylist: Elizabeth Miller
Hair/Makeup: Lila Roberti
Models: Caroline Devine,  David Sonnier

Clothes:   Top and vintage coat by  J Crew from Michelle Fuller-Wigg,  sweater by American Vintage,  bandana by  Augustus Rag,  sunglasses by Ray Ban  –  sweater, skirt, and shoes by J Crew  –  bandanna by  Augustus Rags,  jacket by American Vintage,  sunglasses by Ray Ban  – bra by American Apparel  skirt by Piamita –  bra by American Apparel, skirt by  Piamita,  black raven top by Anthropologie,  feather bolero by  Elizabeth Miller  –  Dress by J Crew,  vintage fur by Elizabeth Miller,  sunglasses by Grey Ant,  Cardigan  –  bandana by Augustus Rag, sunglasses by Ray Ban  –  Sweater by Urban Outfitters,  shirt by American Apparel, bandana by Augustus Rag   –   Top by Piamita,  vintage fur by Elizabeth Miller,  Boxers by American Apparel , Vintage robe by Brooks Brothers.

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