Surfing! How it did it all start?
It all started because of my father. He´s also a surfer and the way he enjoyed surfing got my attention.

Who is Lucas?
I’m a Uruguayan guy who loves surfing and traveling around the world searching for waves and meeting new people and cultures!

Describe the Ocean´s energy when you surf it?
The ocean for me is a place where I can be myself and feel the connection with mother earth. Being able to breath fresh air and renew my spirit every day. I’m an ocean addicted.

What surfing had been teaches you?
Surfing teaches me to take care of nature and appreciate what it gives to us. Also to respect the ocean and control my fears, not only when surfing but in my daily life.

What you carry with you of the ocean in your day ?
Everything, from the salty hair to the renewal of my energy.

Do the mind and heart connect wile surfing?

Define a good wave.
For a surfer, it’s never ending. There’s always some wave you want to surf.

If you could ask for only one thing, what would it be??
Consciousness for everyone.

What would you be if you weren’t a surfer?
A fish haha!

Favorite surf spot?
Mentawaii, Indonesia.

Your quote.
Life’s a wave, catch it.

Interview and photography by Anna Bellati.
Lucas Madrid Pro Surfer wears Volcom. He drives Stella.

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