You had a huge roll early on in your career, how did you deal with that pressure?
I guess when you’re in the moment as a child you don’t really know that it’s a big deal. Now that I look back I’m like yas, I was very lucky. I’m grateful that the work continued and I’m still doing what I love now. I know many people that worked in this industry at a young age and now have totally changed careers.

What is your favourite thing about working in theatre?
My favourite thing about working in theatre is the buzz of live performance. Also touring offers the chance for people who can’t necessarily get to London to be able to see theatre.

And the worst?
It’s the worst when you get rude audience members on their phones or making noise as it really throws you off. It is very frustrating…!

How different are the experience of working on stage and screen?
So very different and it’s impossible to compare. With theatre you have to get it right every time and if anything goes wrong you have to think on your feet. With screen you get numerous chances at getting the right shot. They’re both rewarding in different ways.

Tell us something about your character Angel in the musical Rent, that only you know.
Well there’re some pretty big ‘RentHeads’ out there so I’m not sure I can! There are a few things I’m certainly making my own but you’ll have to come see the show to find out!

Did you tell Jack Whitehall a joke or two? If so, what?
You know what it wasn’t necessarily the jokes but my use of words that he was more fascinated by – “Yas, Slay, Jowzy, Cute, Delown, Werk!” I love Jack and I’m so happy and proud of how fab he’s doing.

 Have you always been one for singing?
I’ve always enjoyed singing. You won’t ever catch me not singing along to my iPod when I’m strutting down the streets or in the shower etc. However it’s only recently I’ve become really comfortable with my voice as it’s finally settled. I was lucky enough to cover Seaweed in Hairspray last year and that gave me the confidence I needed. Now I’m ready and excited to be singing 8 shows a week!

Can you play any instruments?
No – I’ve always wanted to. Just like learning another language. I say “Oh yeah I’ll do that this year” and never quite get round to it.

What inspires you to support the charities you do?
Unfortunately even now in 2016 I receive homophobic abuse, so in my mind, if there is homophobia I still have a job to do. We have to speak up and say “No – It’s not ok to say that.”

 Rent  is currently at Theatr Clwyd, before heading on a three-week UK tour ahead of a run at the St James Theatre from 8 December to 29 January. It then continues its tour in 2017 to Eastbourne, Bromley, Edinburgh, Cardiff and Tunbridge Wells.

Interview by Ian Casey
Photography by Andrea Vecchiato
Clothes: Bomber jacket by Antony Morato, T-shirt by American Vintage, Baseball cap by  Evisu – Shirt by Antony Morato  –  Coat by Antony Morato

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