In Collateral you are amongst a brilliant cast, how did you get involved with that project?
I was in a meditation retreat at a nunnery in Wales when my agent sent me the script and I was hooked from ep1. So when I was offered the role and later heard who else was involved I was ecstatic. Working with such a brilliant cast and crew your work flies

How differently do your experiences vary between acting for television, compared to stage – such as the play Gloria you performed in, in the Hampstead Theatre?
I love acting in all medium but GLORIA was a special project for me in that I’ve never played such an empowering bad ass role as Kendra, and also to hone my American accent.

What has been the most challenging part of your career?
Realising the importance of speaking up for yourself and to believe in what I have to offer as a creative and not to be tied down to just pleasing or just being accepted.

The #TimesUp campaign is featuring heavily in the media at the moment, as a female actress – how does this resonate with you?
It’s about time! But also a great time to speak up for both men and women to move forward from the outdated medium that we’ve been entertaining for so long. We can’t go back now.

In light of this, have you noticed a change on set with your latest pieces of work?
Yes, the last few project I’ve worked on have been directed by women and especially in Collateral, there were fantastic female characters leading the show, which is encouraging. I have great hope that change is an important way to explore storytelling. Currently, I’m working on a play at the National called, The Great Wave which is a story set in Japan with females leads and directed by my hero Indhu Rubasingham.

You have worked with the icon Steven Spielberg, how was that experience?
It was wonderful and he is a true icon for storytelling, it was compelling to work with him and to watch him work.

Do you have a specific goal in your career?
I would like to be part of the epic Marvel family and to lead a show on screen next

Lastly, I hear you have a boat! How did that come about?
Boat life was a great way to enjoy the nature in London and the canal system is so incredible and very unique.

Interview by Ian casey
Photography by Andrea Vecchiato
Hair & Make Up by Sam Basham

Clothes:  Jacket by  Scotch & Soda  –  Sweatshirt and T-shirt by Scotch & Soda  –  Denim shirt by Joe’s Jeans  –  Leather jacket by Scotch & Soda

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