Jeremy Parisi

You’ve recently started working in London, having spent a lot of time in Paris – how would you compare and contrast the two cities?
Yes, I started a few months ago. I’m doing modelling at the moment, when my English gets better, I’m going to do more acting.
They’re both big cities where everybody can find work. It’s really amazing; I can do everything I want. I love both, but maybe Paris has better weather.

You’re a Judo champion! What did you have to go through to get that incredible title?
Winning the Italian Cup was the best title I’ve had. It was a lot of sacrificing, training and injury. You need to be really disciplined with your diet and sleep.

You’re also an actor, what inspired you to go in that direction?
I did a few commercials in Paris and through this I met people, like casting directors who ask you to be involved in their shows. I acted in 6 different shows. It’s really incredible how my life changed so fast after my athlete career.

You can also add calendar model to your CV, how does it feel to work across such a range of outlets?
It feels very good! It’s all experience, work, memories, new challenges and I’ve met fantastic people.

Having travelled and seen many places in the world, which place sticks in your memory the most?
I’ve seen a lot of different places. The best in my memory are Morocco, Catalina and Hawaii Each place has a different culture. The people are amazing, but my favourite is still the little village where I come from in Italy, Arpino.

Tell us something that not many people know about Jeremy Parisi!
Well, I’m a very simple guy. I like easy things like the cinema, nice walks in the countryside, training. Staying with the family, having coffee with friends and being with my girlfriend. I’m not a guy who goes out drinking a lot, I prefer to stay home and live a healthy life.

What’s next for Jeremy Parisi?
At the moment I’m doing a lot of casting work between Paris and London , everything is perfect for me.

Interview by Ian Casey
Photography by Andrea Vecchiato

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