The National Youth Theatre – now that is a glorious place to start!
NYMT was one of the best and most fun experiences of my life so far! I’ve never laughed and smiled as hard as I did the two summers I spent with this incredible organisation. I learned so much and got to experience professional performing and what it’s like being part of a cast, at a young age. You get to work with kids of all ages that are just like you, equally as creative and mad, and from all over the country. I made some of my closest friends for life, and hold the brightest of memories. I found myself, and my true passion for performing in all its glory and ways of working with them.

You star in the new Mary Shelley movie. How relevant is the story of the Wollstonecraft women these days in the #metoo era?
It was a fantastic experience to work with Haifaa al Mansour, she is a powerhouse director, and to do so alongside the incredible female leads, Elle Fanning and Bel Powley. It  was indeed a wonderful and empowering set to be on and an inspiring female story. I feel incredibly grateful to be even a small part in telling this story. I think any female-driven story is an interesting one and deserves a voice and a platform bigger than ever, and that is precisely what these movements in the industry are helping us to do; it is a fantastic thing to watch and be a part of. I think Mary Shelley, the woman, and her story just shows how powerful female voices have always been; they stand the test of time and are ones that always should be heard. I hope to work on and see more similar projects to this in the future.

What is it about you and period pieces?
To be honest, I’m not sure. This industry is extremely unpredictable, and my aim is just to do good work. I feel incredibly lucky to have been a part of all of the projects I have worked on. The fact that many of these have been projects set in the past is just the way things have gone for me so far! Hopefully, I’ll find myself in the modern-day sometime soon!

What’s your favourite Poldark memory?
I can honestly say all my memories of Poldark are good ones! I have made truly amazing friends and just had the best time. I guess if I had to choose, it would be one October evening when we were filming in Cornwall, and a few of us were meeting at our hotel for dinner. I was on my way, walking along the beach, and the sea was just serene, there wasn’t a wave in sight; it looked like a glass pool. There was no-one in the sea or around, the sky was pink with sunset, and I just got the urge, I had to have a swim. So I did! I went to dinner sopping wet, a little cold, and with a lot of my fellow cast mates thinking I was just a tad more crazy than usual. Totally worth it.

What’s your relationship with social media so far? Necessary evil? Great instrument of communication? Stalker enabler?
Everything in moderation is one of my mottos. Use it carefully and wisely, and it can be a fantastic way to share your world and work with a broader audience.

Can you tell us why you feel strongly about helping people with autism?
Autism spectrum disorder awareness is a cause close to my heart because it exists to varying degrees in my extended family. My cousin has actually just set up a fantastic business called Autism Threads, which is autism-friendly clothing and accessories range to help people understand autism a little more, so that autistic families feel more accepted in society.

Poldark airs on BBC One on Sunday nights at 9pm. Mary Shelley is in cinemas from the 6th of July.
Interview and  Photography by Andrea Vecchiato
Hair & Makeup by Sam Basham

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