Pay your respect to the past by wearing it today. Vintage clothing remains one of the hottest trends, one that will cost you a fortune if you happen to live in Europe where the demand is high. NUIT’s Lorna Tucker packed an empty suitcase and traveled to America to chase the dream of pre-owned treasures for rock bottom prices. From Wisconsin to Albuquerque, down the legendary Route 66 to the Mexican border – Lorna returned with a suitcase full of stories waiting to be re-told.

Photography: Andrea Vecchiato
Grooming: Gloria Penaranda
Styling: Lorna Tucker

models: George Rigby @ Premier, Caleb @ Milk, Nik @ Milk, Mattias Crowe @PRM,  Oliver Jones @ Premier, Elliott @ Milk,  Jack Connolly @ Premier, Magnus Ronning @ Premier.


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