Valene Kane

Stylish, talented and driven – catch her in the second season of  BBC’s hit show, The Fall.

This Irish belle barely survived the deadly charms of Jamie Dornan in BBC hit show The Fall. Valene Kane is back for more in the second season of the crime thriller which will air later this autumn. She tells NUIT that from the moment she read the script, she knew she just had to be in it.

Your character Rose has made it to the 2nd season of The Fall. As an actress that must be very exciting.

I was so honoured to be involved in the first season. When I first heard about the concept I was determined to be in it. It means so much to me, because drama like this set in the place I grew up just hasn’t happened before. I thought it was such a beautifully written and clever script and Gillian Anderson is incredible in it. When Allan Cubitt spoke about what he was thinking of doing with the character for the second season I was terrified but also couldn’t wait to get my teeth sunk into it.

The Fall has been incredibly well received. When you first read the script did you imagine that it was going to be as successful as it has been?

As an actor it is so difficult to judge what a project will be like in the end, or how it will be received. I know I got goose pimples when I first read it, and I knew it was definitely going to be something new for Northern Irish drama and that I HAD to be in it. It’s so original in its setup in that we all know that Spector is the killer. I read all the episodes in the second series in one night, I just couldn’t stop reading.

As an actress with experience across TV, Film and stage acting, do you have a favourite genre?

The real fulfilment comes from working with an incredible team, finding a director you connect with and making something brilliant together. Working in theatre generally is more collaborative and exciting, because you are together every day working on something that doesn’t get a second take. The first feature film I did, The Fading Light was probably my best experience of collaboration, as it was completely improvised. The director Ivan and I built such a strong bond and we trusted each other implicitly. I would work like that every time if it was possible.

How do you prepare for a role?

Music plays a big part in my life and I try and use music to help me with the more difficult scenes. Each role requires a different type of preparation though. With theatre I do reams of bookwork. If the part is period-based I like to read everything I can about that world.

As a multifaceted actress, where will we see you next?

As well as The Fall for BBC2 I’ve been shooting three feature films this year. 71, which is a really exciting new film about The Troubles in which I play a feisty girl who manages to start a riot. The Hoarder is a classic American horror set in a storage unit. That was great fun. I was playing a Californian hypochondriac who self-medicated a little too much. And finally there’s Frankenstein with Daniel Radcliffe and James McCoy. But I would love to do a play before the year is out.

Which actors have inspired you the most?

 I love Katherine Hepburn so much. I remember watching Stage Door when I was very young, and having aspirations of becoming an actress and thinking I want to be THAT kind of actress, and that kind of woman. Strong Alpha women have always intrigued me such as Lee Miller, Anaïs Nin.More contemporary actresses I admire are Susan Sarandon, Julianne Moore, Catherine Keener and Mia Wasikowska

 You are quite the Francophile! Enlighten us, what is it that you love so much about France?

Everything! I started going there for holidays with my parents when I was very young and I just thought it was the epitome of class and cool. I then found Anna Karina, and became obsessed with the Godard and the New Wave. The food culture is also unbeatable. Late dinners, simple food, great cheap wine. Its perfect.

 Being a foodie, where are your 3 favourite neighborhood finds to eat at in London?

Oh! There are so many. Hmm, I love Mayfields in London Fields. The décor is incredible and the food is innovative and delicious.  Brawn, for amazing meat and great wine selection. And Shanes on Chatsworth which is my local,and he does the most incredible food consistently. I had the deer the other night and it was divine.

How would you describe your style and how has it evolved?

I would say it is quite masculine. I like tailored clothes with a touch of 60’s and a bit of punk. I do love leather and fur though.. I can never walk away from a good fur coat.

When are you most comfortable in your own skin?

In the country with my closest friends, sitting by a fire drinking wine after cooking a delicious meal together.

Do you have any favourite designers or boutiques?

I love Opening Ceremony. It is a dangerous shop to go into. Also Reformation in New York. I like Acne and I love Simone Rocha, and Gianbattista Valli’s latest collection was a dream.

Interview by Amanda Bell
Photography by Andrea Vecchiato
Make up, hair & styling: Amanda Bell
Creative director: Dena Tahmasebi

Photographer assistants: Alex McBride & Shara White

Green Feather Jacket: By Malene Birger, Marylebone boutique London

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