What’s the next blockbuster you’re waiting for?
Pirates of the Caribbean, the new one is out next year I think!!

What song are you currently playing on repeat?
There isn’t one really, I’m not a fan of playing or even watching the same thing over and over!

How do you stay fit?
To be honest, nothing really! I was big on the gym last year but just eating well and trying to get to the gym once or twice a week. Lots of walking and taking the stairs is key!

Do you have any funny or memorable fashion show stories?
Not really funny stories, they are always good fun but memorable definitely. Calvin Klein & Versace were both incredible experiences!

You chose to live in Northampton, as opposed to big cities like London. What does Northampton offer that the other cities don’t?
My family and my good pals. It’s nice being in London and to catch up with a few of the lads that live there, but Northamptonshire is home for me. For now anyway.

What series are you following on Netflix?
I don’t really use Netflix. After you’ve watched Breaking Bad and Dexter there isn’t much else on there for me haha! On Sky though I’m enjoying Limitless, just something fun to watch on the train.

Who would you want to come for your rescue if you were ever in trouble, Batman or Superman and why?
I just watched the new film with them two in and honestly I thought it was awful! So based on that – neither!

Describe your dream woman?
My missus haha!

Tyler is represented by Storm Management

Interview by Chia Chan Mo
Photography by Andrea Vecchiato
Styling by Caroline Eklind @ Inexcess Fashion PR
Grooming by Bella Costanzo

CLOTHES: Leather Jacket by Mads Norgaard, shirt by Mads Norgaard – Leather Jacket by Mads Norgaard, T shirt by American Vintage.

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