Can you recollect the moment you realised that you were good at music and that it was something you wanted to pursue?
To be honest with you I’m still learning and realising a lot about my musical abilities but it’s was about 3 years ago where I thought  that I’ve got something different and that I wanted to pursue it as a career

When an idea of a melody or a song comes to you, what is the first tool you use to make it a reality?
If I get an idea for a melody I’ll just keep singing it over and over so it sticks in my head and then try write words to it. Or I’d try pick up a guitar and see what happens with that.

Your vocal delivery but also the content of your songs have an almost evangelical tone, but your religion seems to be life itself rather than a traditional God. Is that correct?
Yeah I’d say that’s correct. I do believe that there’s a mad powerful thing going on and things happen for a reason but life is defo a religion, something that you study and learn about every day to become a better person for yourself and the people around you. 

We’ve heard that you studied acting? Has those skills helped you when you’re on stage and is acting something you still like to pursue?
Yeah I did. I wouldn’t say they have as it’s completely different but I enjoyed my time doing it. Right now I wouldn’t say that I like to do it but maybe in the future

The industry constantly needs to label an artists musical style. Even Spotify needs to categorise music to create playlists. At this early stage in your career which musical tradition would you say suits you better?
To be honest I don’t even know myself . I’ll let other people put me in whatever category they wanna put me in but I’m just making the music that feels right to me. 

Considering how young you are, perhaps it’s hard to to feel nostalgia for a bygone musical era, but if you could travel back in time which musical family would you choose?
I’d hit up the 60s’ or even the 50’s and take a boat to America and go chill with Elvis.

After the success of working with Chase & Status,  can we expect more exciting collaborations anytime soon?
Yeah I’ve done another collab with a very exciting grime artist so hopefully that song will be realised soon.

Who is your favorite female vocalist?
Amy Winehouse.

What recent song had touched you deeply and why?
I wouldn’t say this song has touched me deeply but Ed Sheeran’s Shape of you tune has defo been in my head for a few weeks now. It’s a banger.

Interview & photography by Andrea Vecchiato. 

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