These portraits explore concepts of evolving masculine beauty, illustrated through New Rave, Grunge to present day.


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Raw and real! Simplicity was key to capturing the many manifestations of youth. The inspirations spanned film, music & pop culture from Rumble Fish to Napoleon Dynamite, from The Fresh Prince to Igby Goes Down, from Breakfast Club to My Own Private Idaho, all entwined with the personality and natural style of the sitter.

Photographer: Andrea Vecchiato
Grooming & Styling: Amanda Bell

James Chapman @ Select
Liam Gardner @ Select
Joey Shaw @ AMCK
Guido Quarcoopome @ PRM
Benjamin Hook @PRM
Christian Williams @ Select
James Ling @ AMCK
John Cooper @ AMCK
Peter Frampton @ Supa
Ludan @ Next

Photographer assistant: Shara White

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