How is life after Downton Abbey?
Life after Downton is very exciting, though surreal. I learned a lot on the joband have made some great friends. I’m still getting used to just how many people watch it and I’m excited about what else it may bring.

Have you managed to say goodbye to the character Andy or is he still around?
Andy will always be around in some way because he is a character I spent a year and a half with. You never know whether I should fully have to say goodbye to him, there may be life in the innocent cockney yet.

How do you keep busy when you’re not acting?
I have a band called Luna. We are going back into the studio to make another 4 tracks very soon and hope to release material early next year.

Would you say music has a healing power?
Yes I would say that, whether you’re the listener or the musician it can be incredibly therapeutic to hear someone’s work or to share it. I think it’s the same as any creative outlet for me, whether it’s acting or music, you can get lost in the song or the character and it takes you somewhere else completely.

How does London influence the music you make?
I’ve lived in London for 6 years now and I’m sure things I see day to day influences my writing. This city is always changing, always moving, so it offers a lot of ideas for songs.

Have you made any plans for new year’s eve yet?
I’ll be with my mates back home, we usually have a house party… hopefully not my house.

Michael can be seen in Downton Abbey, ITV, Sunday, 9pm.

Interview by Aldo Bisacco
Photography by Andrea Vecchiato
Clothes: Shirt by Anthony Morato,  jacket by Anthony Morato  –   Shirt by Anthony Morato,   jeans by Lee Cooper,  boots by Clarks

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