Where did Lock begin? How did you come together and what inspired the name?

Gita: Edie and I have been playing and singing together since childhood. Our father had all us kids perform his ocarinas together and tour around the country. We’ve played in other bands over the years and Lock just happened instinctively at the right time.

Edie: When I moved to London I was completely lost and confused at where and who I wanted to be. When we started making music together it all fit into place.

Gita: We found Gabi last year on a quest for the holy grail of drummers. She’s the ketchup on our chips. I think our name personifies the misfit, runaway vibe of our music. I’ve always been a fan of the one syllable band name and the word Lock has such weight to it. It’s multi faceted in its meaning and it really represents our music. Being a female band, there is always going to be a part of us where there’s going to be defence mechanism in a male heavy industry, but at the same time we are also revealing a darker side and the songs are keys to our secrets.

Your sound is so unique and original! Where do you draw your influences from? 

Gita: We’ve created a sound that reminds us of our childhood, the records, TV shows and films we were into back then. True Romance, Twin Peaks, Red Dawn, The Outsiders. The orchestral themes really inspire our songwriting.

Edie: Also, Bands like the Slits, Hole, and the Runaways inspire our style, attitude and sound. Autobiographies of women like Kim Gordon and Viv Albertine really made me see that you can do things yourself. They had their own style, made their own outfits and just didn’t give a shit what anyone thought.

So, New York VS Paris – do you have a  personal preference on the cities?

Gabby: Both New York and Paris are pretty damn incredible. Paris is so beautiful. There’s Notre Dame, The Louvre, The Moulin Rouge. Then you’ve it New York…god there is so much to do and see not to mention the amazing food! I can’t wait till we play both cities!!

Edie: I just got back from my first time visiting New York and I fell in love. The buildings and views and incredible and ‘search and destroy’ was the coolest shop ever. Nothing beats London in my eyes though.

Do you have a dream venue to perform?

Gabby: I have a dream place – Japan!!! For a venue I reckon the Royal Albert Hall would be amazing and the Roundhouse!

Edie: yes Japan…totally. I will always love KoKo as a venue too. It has Lots of special meanings and memories for me.

When it comes to image, do you decide between you? Or do you bring your individual styles?

Gabby: I think even though we all have our own little things that make us who we are, without even realising it sometimes we put on our clothes for stage and it just works. I guess we know what we like and we know what suits us. For those times on tour when we are running low on clothes or inspiration however, we can always rely on Edie and her suitcase full of the most amazing clothes, accessories and makeup to get us by.

Edie: I always bring so many things to each gig cause it really depends on how I’m feeling on the day. Usually we decide about 20 minutes before we go on stage which outfit feels best. I love that we all have different styles, but together it just feels right.

Are there any musical genres you want to explore?

Edie: Every song I hear on the radio I say: I want a track like this. We love so many different style of music, so when we record our songs they evolve slowly into our own sound. It’s a natural progression rather than us having a forced ‘style’ or sound which feels true to us.

Are there any other artists you would like to tour or feature with?

Gita: Grimes is a hero, a show with her would rock. We’re heavily influenced by the French house scene so a collaboration with Kavinsky or Daft Punk is on the Lock Christmas list.

Gabby:The strokes and Jack White could be cool!

Whats next for Lock? 

Tours, lots of gigs, new Music and an album. We’ve got an exciting year ahead ❤️

Interview by Ian Casey
Photography by Andrea Vecchiato
Beauty by Nathalie Eleni
Hair by Orsolya Bokor & @The Canary Salon

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