Channel 4 is renowned for its dramas, often reaching critical acclaim. How does it feel to know you are being broadcast and shown online to millions of people?
Very daunting for someone who’s only had one job that’s been out. It’s very exciting, that’s the main thing. I was very excited to play that character and tell that story. That wasn’t the first thing on my mind, the first thing was “How am I going to approach this character?”

Born To Kill” is quite a heavy subject, how do you separate your work and home life when working on subjects like this?
I think we were quite lucky to have such a young and social team. Both cast and crew, were happy to go out and have food – to have that hour or so after work to just clear your head. Jack (“Born To Kill” lead actor) watched the odd RomCom to get himself out of the mindset. I just liked having a hot bath and watching some bad TV. Oh and Christmas shopping actually, Cardiff is great for that! All the old arcades! And Wally’s Delicatessen!

You are starring in “SPACESHIP”, with it being the director’s debut – did you find anything different? How was that experience?
I actually spoke to Alex, the director of “SPACESHIP” about this recently. His style of directing is completely different to Bruce Goodison who directed “Born To Kill”. Not that either is better than the other – they’re just very different. Alex likes to just get on set, get a camera and rely on the actors. Ultimately, he cast people who had the right personality. He’d just see what was cool and he would shoot it. Bruce was very into the rehearsal period and working out what everyone’s intentions were. He would read things through, see if it worked. If not, change it. His was more choreographed where as Alex was more impulsive. I think that’s his style.

Starring alongside the likes of Nicole Kidman in “How To Meet Girls At Parties” is amazing and alongside “Pierce Brosnan” in final score! How did you get to the point where you share the set with such people?
I don’t quite know, it was a slow burn from the start. I had this freak audition from this academy where I trained in Nottingham – at a workshop. I was offered this audition where they wanted street cast. I got part in the film, which was a British Indie film. That stood me in a good starting point, as well as having the chance to have a great agent. I have a great bond with him. I talk to him, discuss where I want to go and the kind of jobs I want to do. I’m quite happy to play a lot of different roles.

On the other side of the spectrum, you’re featuring in Jo Brand’s new comedy “Damned” how would you compare and contrast preparing for a role like that, in comparison to Born To Kill?
Haha! I guess, every actor alters what they do for the different characters. For me I’m still learning, that was the first chance to try a bit of comedy. I never considered myself a comedy actress. I think that its just really trusting the director. Comedy is very much about timing and the rhythm of the writing. I think it’s more technical as opposed to something so emotionally driven as “Born To Kill”. Then again, there are dark comedies too. I had a smaller part in “Damned” so the amount of back story and research was far less. Nonetheless, it’s still vital.

Tell us the funniest thing that has happened on set?
I was doing an ice skating scene in “SPACESHIP” where I fell over and really hurt my knee. At the same time the DOP was going around in a wheelchair, on ice – filming me fall and cracking my knee. Again in “SPACESHIP” we were driving around in a car that ended up breaking down. I told them we shouldn’t have bought a car for £400.

What has been the most difficult thing to overcome in terms of your career so far?
The cold! 70% of the time I’m freezing. And the long drives in the east. But that’s really not much. I guess, overcoming how other actors work. Not being afraid of doing what you have to do. You shouldn’t hold back.

Born To Kill continues on Thursdays at 9pm on Channel 4.
Spaceship is out in cinemas 19th May.

Interview by Ian Casey
Photography by Andrea Vecchiato
Styling by ELizabeth Cocozza
Make up by Charlotte Yeomans
Hair by Orsolya Bokor @ The Canary E2

Clothes:  Pink Jumper by Mads Norgaard  –  Silver top by Mads Norgaard  –  Velvet Suit by Lolly’s Laundry


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