Where did modelling start for you?
I started modelling in 2014 when I stopped pole vaulting. I was signed to an agency in São Paulo, Brazil.
Have you ever been asked to wear anything you don’t like? If so, what?
Not really, never been in  situation where I really thought about it but obviously I am more comfortable in some of the clothes I model than others.
You have amazing and striking tattoos, in your opinion, what do they add to a photo shoot?
I think that my tattoos show my personality and some of the experiences I have had in life.
What do the tattoos mean to you?
All of them mean something to me. The one on my ribs ( Poseidon- Greek God of the Sea and Earthquakes ) is one of my favourites because it was my first tattoo and my dad drew it before he passed away.
Do you have any idols in the modelling world?
Marlon Teixeira.
Whats the most difficult part of the job?
The constant travel that means I have to be apart from the people I love the most.
What are your hobbies or interests, outside of modelling?
I’m still in love with sports. Since I was a kid I have been involved in all kinds of sports including Capoeira. I also have my own skateboard shop back in Brazil which my mom looks after. It always feel good to go back and work on your own business.

Interview by Ian Casey
Photography by Andrea Vecchiato
Styling by Valentina Tiurbini
Grooming by @ The Canary Salon


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