LA duo Eden Eliah and Dante Marinelli form Golden Egg Music.

What is your first experience of music that made you think it was something you wanted to work with ?
I would say we both grew up deeply influenced by music. We both came from musical households and both began studying and playing instruments at a very young age. For me (Dante) it was going through my dad’s old records and listening to Zeppelin IV for the first time. It was my earliest memory of being able to feel something from a recorded piece of music. For me (Eden) it was a Beatles number one hits album i was given as a gift. I just remember not being able to turn it off for months after the first time i put it on. 

What  was it that made you commit to Music ?
That feeling you get when you have an idea that you’v heard in your head for what seems like forever actually come to life. It’s almost addicting…

What are your musical influences ?
This changes all the time, as we both listen to such a variety of music. Currently we have these albums on heavy rotation, Endless (Frank Ocean), It’s Album Time (Todd Terje), Uptown Special (Mark Ronson), The Beyond / Where the Giants Roam (Thundercat), and Construçao (Chico Barque)

Who were your influences in the early days ?
I (Eden) grew up listening to a lot of classic rock. I went to see tons of concerts as a child some of which included The Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton, and Pink Floyd. I soon branched out into hip hop after purchasing Illmatic (Nas) which consumed my life for the majority of my teenage years. For me (Dante) I remember listening to Elton John, Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake, The Bee Gees, but later on, around middle school, I caught on to people like Pharell, lil Wayne, Justice and MIA. 

What is your mission and what do you wish to accomplish working in music?
Our goal is to create incredible and unique music and help bring ours and others ideas into reality after which people can enjoy and become inspired. 

Who do you wish to collaborate with in the future?
Our list of people isn’t really specific per person. We like to get involved in projects we feel share a common creative goal with ours and allow for creative exploration and freedom. It could be anyone from any genre. 

Tell us about your upcoming  projects.
Currently we are working on developing a new artist that we signed the first of the year, she is an unbelievable talent in many respects. We can’t really say much other than that at this stage but you will surely hear more about it down the line. 

Interview by Lorenza Calamandrei
Photography by Andrea Vecchiato

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