A fairy tale for adults, where the faces are serious and the clothes are seriously good.


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photographer: Glensius Cal
stylist & creative director: Vesa Perakyla
models; Lydia @ Models1, Ani @ Profile


hair: Florian Dovillez
make up: Snowkei Lan
styling assistant: Filipa Fabrica


dress by Amber Feroz, Kimono dress by Amber Feroz & pencil skirt by MEAM  –  latex head dress by Harmony, plastic bra by Silja Manninen & mermaid dress by Alex Ulichny  –  top and skirt by Tube Gallery, shoes by FINSK  –  leather dress by MANITIC  –  organza gown by Amber Feroz, mask by KNT masks & shoes by FINSK  –  gown by Amber Feroz  –  fur & python skin jacket by MMG,  silver jumpsuit by M-SEW, shoes by FINSK  –  mask by KNT masks, print dress by TUBE GALLERY & special project shoes by FINSK  –  dress by TUBE GALLERY

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