Tell us about your character Rae Savitt in Traitors.
Traitors is set in the aftermath of the Second World War and Rae is a Jewish woman who works as a typist for the Home Office. She hides her religion from her colleagues at work and has sent her son away through the duration of the war to keep him safe and has returned with little memory of her. She also has some secrets!

The cast of Traitors are very young. Did this make a difference when filming and was it a good experience?
It was a such a great cast! We all got along so well and the atmosphere on set was really fun. When you are dealing with material where the stakes are very high for your character and the atmosphere of the script is quite serious, you often end up letting off steam with the other cast members (usually over a glass of wine in the bar afterwards!)

As an actress do you feel you have a role in the #MeToo movement that is sweeping the industry?
I think every actress has had some awareness of the systemic sexism that exists in the Industry. There have always been more parts for men. The male characters are very often more fleshed out and interesting. There have continually been more male directors and producers than female but thankfully that is slowly changing. One of the wonderful things about Traitors was it has some incredible female characters and many of the key creators on the project were women. It felt very genuinely equal. It’s important to keep talking about it until the paradigm shifts.

We hear you are an amazing cook. What’s your best dish?
Thank you! Well, I’m not sure about amazing, but I do love it. I’m always experimenting in the kitchen. I’ve got quite into curries recently in this cold weather. I made a tomato based curry with lemon rice last night that was pretty good. I also bought Anna Jones’ cookbook last year and I cannot recommend it enough!

We also hear you’re a born traveller. Where next for you?
I’m going to Istanbul for a long weekend soon but at the end of the year my boyfriend and I are going to do a longer trip to India. I’ve always wanted to go and it feels like a place that I’d like to explore for a good period of time.

Tell us something about yourself that no one knows
When I get the chance, I volunteer at a homeless shelter called ‘Shelter from the Storm’. It’s an amazing place that helps get people off the streets.

Traitors can be seen on Sunday’s on Channel 4 at 9pm and all episodes are available catch up via All 4.

Interview by Lorenza Calamandrei
Photography by Andrea Vecchiato
Hair & Make up by Sam Basham

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